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Hi-Strung Designs Jewelry Quality and Guarantee


It's the difference between an inexpensive, trendy top that lasts through one or two girls’ night out events before disintegrating in the washer and the timeless, flawlessly constructed dress that remains a go-to in your wardrobe for years.

It's the difference between a mass produced, machine made, leather bag with metal "toned" hardware (whose metal "color" eventually flakes and chips off), and the quality of a luxuriously supple leather bag which has been beautifully and time-consumingly handcrafted with hand-tanned, hand-cut and hand-stitched leather, and beautifully finished with high quality details, resulting in a bag that will last you for years.  

And it's the difference between the short life of
mass-produced, factory made jewelry where you don't really know the purity of the metals or the quality of the gemstones, and the enduring beauty of unique artisan jewelry, which has been creatively and thoughtfully designed, and time-consumingly and meticulously handcrafted, with precious metals and high-quality gemstones, and with individual attention to detail lavished on each piece by an independant designer who stands behind the quality of every single piece.

Every seemingly small detail matters. A poorly cut stone won't sparkle like one of higher quality. Loose wire-wrapping comes unraveled and snags your favorite sweater.

I spend hours examining thousands of gemstones to find those that meet my high standards for color, faceting and texture. I choose fine-grade (grade AAA-A) gemstones from a very limited number of sources with whom I have established long-standing relationships based on their reliability for high-quality precious and semiprecious gemstones.

My pieces also incorporate other high-quality materials such as grade-A freshwater pearls, and precious metals: 14K gold-filled, rose gold overlay, sterling silver and 22K gold vermeil elements.

As an artisan, I alone execute each step of the creative process that brings every piece of jewelry to you. I personally make every necklace and earring, using precious metals to wire-wrap each gemstone, bead and component by hand. Necklaces are signed with a Hi-Strung Designs signature tag to remind you that the special piece you've chosen is an original, handcrafted work of art — not something that was mass-produced in a factory.

Characteristics of Natural, Handmade Jewelry
I go to great lengths to match natural gemstones and pearls for size, color and texture; however, slight variations are possible. Additionally, natural gemstones and pearls often contain slight inclusions. These slight variations should be expected and appreciated because they give each gemstone and pearl its authenticity and beauty. Likewise, hand-formed silver, vermeil, and gold-filled elements will vary in shape.

All of these characteristics add to the beauty of Hi-Strung Designs jewelry. No two pieces are exactly alike, and some items are specifically designed as one-of-a-kind or limited editions.

Please also note that computer monitors vary widely in resolution and color. I do my best to accurately describe and display the specifications and measurements of each piece of jewelry, so you know what you're getting. But if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via the messaging feature at the bottom right of your screen
before ordering. I'll respond as soon as possible, and generally within one business day.

I want you to be completely delighted with everything you purchase from Hi-Strung Designs!

I guarantee every piece of jewelry is free from defects in materials and craftsmanship prior to leaving the studio. If you receive an item that you believe to have a defect in materials or craftsmanship, that falls outside the inherent characteristics of handcrafted jewelry with natural gemstones, pearls, and metals outlined above, please contact me
as soon as possible and within 7 business days after receiving the jewelry.
You can reach me using the messaging feature at the bottom right of your screen to leave your name and phone number so that I can get in touch with you.

When I call you, please be prepared to provide specifics regarding what you believe to be the defect in materials or craftsmanship. If necessary, I will make arrangements for you to send me the item in its "brand new" condition (tags still attached as it was when you received it), so that I can examine it, and I will contact you to offer either a replacement or a repair on any item that, upon inspection, I determine has an inherent defect in materials or craftsmanship. In this case, I will ship the replacement or repaired item to you at my expense.

If the item is determined not to have the specified defect in materials or construction, I will contact you to explain my determination, and to arrange to return the item to you at your expense.

NOTE: This guarantee does not apply to items that were purchased and received, which have since been lost, (such as a lost earring) as lost items cannot be presented for inspection. However, if you have lost an earring, it may be possible to purchase a replacement. Click
here for more information.

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